A community-led vision of a decentralised cloud.

"How might local cloud services support socialised, shared, and distributed data processing?"

We are creating community-led managed cloud services at the edge, where the internet is thin, but the social networks are thick – and the environmental resource to power data processing is huge.

Instead of distant, centralised data storage and processing, how might local cloud services support socialised, shared, and distributed data processing?

We understand that Cloud Services are dependent on techno-social interoperability, local innovation and improvisation, and decentralised participation.

We believe that the lessons learned in an Orkney Cloud living laboratory are relevant to similar edge communities worldwide.

Why here at the edge?

Orkney is a northern archipelago of Scottish islands at the edge of Europe, and on the green energy frontline. The islands are a global leader in wave and tide energy, hydrogen fuel, smart grids, and community-led innovation.

Here, at the edge, infrastructure, such as energy and data, is never taken for granted. Local organisations need to move data around the islands, but connectivity to remote servers is limited. So a local, community-led solution is needed.

"Here, at the edge, infrastructure... is never taken for granted."


Exploring how energy, data, and community can go together.

Online Magazine Launched
We are excited to say that our online Orkney Cloud Magazine has just been launched at… orkneycloud.org/magazine This magazine is
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Seminar on remote working 24th July 2018 @ 4pm BST
  David Bryant of Mozilla will be providing a seminar on remote working best practices.  Details below. Tuesday, 24th July,
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OREF talk on Orkney Cloud
Laura Watts will be giving a talk to OREF (Orkney Renewable Energy Forum) on the Orkney Cloud project. Details below.
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First Orkney Cloud Forum meeting
The first meeting of the Orkney Cloud Forum will be held on Wednesday 28 February at 1.30pm in St Magnus
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Join Mozilla project on the Orkney Cloud
Could Orkney lead the way in reimagining The Cloud internet at the edge? Given the islands proactive attitude to community-led
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